Q1 - Q8    Mosfet IXYS 82N25P

R1  - 1k              C1   -  104          T1 - Spliter  1 :  4

R2  - 10               C2  -   473          T2 - Toroid Bifilar 25 T

R3  -  470/1w                                  T3 -  Tubing  1 : 9

T4 -  Combiner

The circuit work with four push-pull modules ,combiner and splitter The amp as shown needs 75W of drive for full output. The splitter wound on a small tubing or toroid transformer with about one turn pri. and two turns sec.

The MosFets Rf Amplifier should be mounted on heat sink  which are then insulated from the main fan-cooled heat sink by suitable thermally conductive sheet . A very thin layer of heat sink compound should be applied to all mating surfaces.

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