Schematic 600w mosfet Rf Amplifier

This is my base station of MosFet Linear Rf Amplifier  The MosFets are APT5020BN ,I have used them in my base station and they produce a good 600w from 36V on 160 and 80,and 400w on 7 Mhz. , I've had 600w out of four at 36V on 160 with a one turn primary / four secondary on the output transformer. (Tubing Transformer).
 The circuit  is two devices with combiner on each side of the push-pull. The golden rule is to use a fet capable of withstanding three times your maximum supply voltage.
 The Rf Power Amplfier as shown needs 25W of drive for full output. The input transformer T1 is wound on a small tubing transformer with about Three turns pri. and one turn sec., but a ferrite ring would do equally well. The 10 Ohm gate load resistors are 20 Watt power resistors and the attenuator resistors are 2 Watt metal film.

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