Schematic 300w Rf Amplifier Using Low Priced Mosfet

I have read Mosfet Rf Amplifier  diagram using mosfets on the ARRL Handbook . It might be of further interest to describe a higher power version of a linear amplifier which I had reason to design, using two IRFP 150. The Circuit can deliver a power off 250w at 1.8 MHz, 300w at 3.5 MHz and 200w at 7 MHz with 36 v . The IRF150 transistors used were the International Rectifier (IR) .
The two push pull amplifier and combiner was biased to operate in a nominal class AB mode with a standing drain current of 150 mA per transistor and a current swing up to 5 amp per transistor at full power. The power supply used was nominally 36 volts.


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