Schematic 1kw Mosfet Rf Amplifier

This 1kw Mosfet Rf Amplifier has made from low price Mosfets .  The MosFets are IRF 450 .

The circuit is a Push Pull with 8 pcs for each side. The Mosfet Rf Amplifier as shown needs 75W of drive for full output. The input transformer T1 is wound on a small tubing transformer with about one turn pri. and three turns sec.The output transformer uses four large ferrite tubes . The primary is one turn of tubing transformer and the secondary is 3 turns of thinner multi strand stuff

The power supply for this 1kw Mosfet Rf Amplifier doesn't need regulating but shouldn't sag to less that 70 Volts at full load (about 25 Amps). I used a 70 Volt transformer with a 30 Amp bridge rectifier and four large 10,000uF capacitors. The standing current should be set to about 600 ma by adjusting the 10k Ohm pot .    . .

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